Nickel Paste for MLCC electrode
Nano nickel ceramic material is the most important raw material of MLCC, and its main components are Barium titanate, nickel oxide, etc. High end MLCC has very strict requirements for particle size, strength distribution, purity, morphology, etc. of ceramic powder.
In the production of ceramic powder slurry, the quality, proportion, configuration sequence and dispersant selection of Adhesive directly affect the performance of high-end products.

Changdi has developed a variety of different types of nickel paste products, which can meet different MLCC production needs. The products have good stability, uniform materials, uniform particle size distribution, good dispersion performance, low interlayer pressure after sintering, no cracks and other defects, good electrode continuity and flatness, and excellent pressure resistance and high accelerated life test (HALT) performance.
All above characteristics are representative values and not guaranteed values.

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