BOPET Multi-layer Nano Film

BOPET Optical Film

BOPET Multi-layer film adopts two or more resins and advanced technology for lamination, which can achieve multiple properties such as optics, mechanics, and barrier that cannot be achieved by a single material. It is a high-end high-tech material urgently needed in many fields.

Application field: Electronic displays, textiles, packaging and barrier materials, building and automotive window films; In the high-end display field, it can be used for LCD backlight module reflection film and HUD (Head Up Display) cold light film.

Electronic display film: It can improve the utilization of light inside the screen, thereby improving the brightness of the screen while reducing energy consumption.
Packaging film: 13-75 μm, color optional, non pigmented and environmentally friendly packaging film, suitable for external packaging of food, flowers, gifts, anti-counterfeiting products, etc.
Automotive insulation film: 50-100 μm, capable of achieving high near-infrared reflection and high insulation efficiency, used for front and rear car windows and side window glass.
Degradable composite film: It uses two types of degradable materials to composite and stack, with high O2, CO2, and water vapor barrier efficiency, and can be used for food packaging, agricultural film, and other purposes.

Number of layers


Total thickness13~100 μm

Reflection peak range

220~2000nm optional

Peak reflectivity40%~99% optional
BOPET Multilayer Nano Film

Thickness (μm)



Reflection range (nm)

400~550, 500~650300~400, 900~1200

Number of layers

250, 500, 800, 1200250, 500

Reflectivity (%)


Infrared band≥90, UV band≥80

Tensile strength (MPa)


Test items
Optical Film
Window Film
All above characteristics are representative values and not guaranteed values.

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